Successful cooperation with CMA CGM expanded: new development cooperation in automatic cargo planning

Date: 08.02.2010

Successful cooperation with CMA CGM expanded: new development cooperation in automatic cargo planning

In mid-2008, INTERSCHALT added French shipping company CMA CGM to its list of customers. The shipping company has now installed our MACS3 cargo planning software on 500 ships (its own and chartered ones) and implemented STOWMAN as its central line planning software. Once our software had been successfully installed and integrated, the ship managers at CMA CGM reported considerable improvement to cargo planning for their lines.
The excellent cooperation based on trust between CMA CGM and INTERSCHALT over recent months has now led to a new development cooperation on automatic cargo planning:
Since the early days of containerisation, shipping companies have been confronted with the problem of distributing the booked load evenly across the ship. Although cargo planning tools have improved dramatically in recent decades, it is still down to the planner to coordinate everything manually. Even experienced planners need to comply with various criteria and regulations.
Increased loading capacity and line planning makes the work more and more complex and makes automating load distribution a necessity. At the same time, cargo planning is so complicated that there are no software solutions on the market for it, until now.
INTERSCHALT and CMA CGM have set themselves the challenge of allowing complete automation of cargo planning. In order to integrate cargo planning into a software solution in a way which is both efficient and user-oriented, the software developer responsible for the project is largely based at the CMA CGM head office in Marseilles. "It is a highly complex issue, but the excellent cooperation with CMA CGM means we are making good progress and will be able to present the first results to CMA CGM before the end of the year. Our attempts thus far are very promising, which is why we are planning the market launch for our new software solution for automatic cargo planning for the end of 2010," explains the project manager.



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