Radar Navigation / Plotting and use of ARPA

Date: 07.01.2011

A 7

Target Group Nautical Officers, Captains, Shore-based nautical staff
Course Duration 4 days
Teaching Method Simulator, Seminar room
Preface The use of radar as primary navigational aid as well as safety tool is still an essential part of safe watchkeeping. Understanding the basic radar theory with plotting techniques will lead to a proper use of ARPA and other functions. The fast development of integrating radar, ECDIS and further navigational aids requires permanent training.
Objectives Basic skills: Radar theory, plotting techniques and basic functions.
Advanced skills: Special functions and extended utilization of all ARPA tools.
  • IMO radar standards and requirements.
  • Radar theory and special precautions.
  • Configuration and optimal adjustment of different radar types.
  • Applying rule no. 19 properly.
  • Plotting techniques.
  • Use of parallel index.
  • Use of ARPA.
  • Limitations and failures.
  • ECDIS / AIS overlays.
  • Simulation of various traffic situations.
Certificate RADAR/ARPA course certificate issued by MET
Course Availability Upon request



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